2017.10.06 Outdoor Triple Waveband Infrared Flame Detector Released

Nittan upgraded the triple waveband infrared flame detector, previous model DRD-W, to DRD1-W that became to support outdoor installation.

The DRD1-W is designed to ensure compatibility with existing infrared flame detector, model 2RA3-PF, so that it is not only solution for new installation but also the perfect bridge for existing customers to get the advantages of the latest features, including:

• Triple waveband infrared flame detection for optimum false alarm immunity
• Detection range adjustable up to 60 m
• Omniview™ 360° LED indicates the conditions of detector by four different color illumination (Alarm, Trouble, Startup, Testing)
• Both Indoor and Outdoor installation available
• Self-Test function for monitoring window lens obscuration and circuit troubles
• Dust-Proof and Water-Proof
• Responds to flickering flames
• Selectable Response time and Self-Test cycle

For detailed specifications, please download the relevant Datasheet from the below link.

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