LHD Linear Heat Detection Cable

• Up to 10,000 linear feet (3,048m) of SafeCable
per zone
• Approved for up to 35 feet (10.7m) spacing
• 0.05 ohms/ft (0.164 ohms/m) resistance for
twisted pair wire, lower than any other type of
linear heat detection wire
• Lower cost than other types of linear heat
detection wire
• Compatible with ALL Fire Alarm Control /
Releasing Panels
• Use with addressable modules
• Multiple alarm temperatures: 155°F (68°C),
172°F (78°C), 190°F (88°C), 220°F (105°C),
365ºF (185ºC)
• Distance locating available
• Can detect anywhere along the entire length
of wire
• Multiple alarm temperatures can be mixed on
the same zone
• Total zone length replacement unnecessary
after alarm
• Longer standard spool lengths means less
• Custom lengths available