NFU-GM Graphic Fire Alarm Monitoring Software

• An aesthetically pleasing high quality customizable graphical interface between administrators and monitored buildings
• Building ready monitoring control system with full software management in a user friendly graphical enabled interface
• Easy configuration and customization of alarm devices
• Remote desktop programming from any location
• Upload/download configuration files without taking the whole system off-line
• Customizable fire annunciation graphical icons to provide customer specific site representation
• Enhanced auto-watch allows the viewer to automatically scan individual buildings
• Custom alarm and system status messaging instantly inform building administrators of events and alarms
• Custom color graphical icons depict up to 500,000 addressable devices
• Extensive event logging up to 500,000 events with status notations for report customization
• Multiple import and export formats are supported
• Multi dimensional controls allow the user to precisely navigate between buildings and floors for rapid surveillance
• Drag and drop icon placement provides easy device location mapping
• Instant alarm notification provides an automatic zoom to the alarm area


Datasheet (1.32MB)