President Message

“Protection of our customers’ lives and property from fire”

President and Representative Director

Hideki Itakura

Since founded, the Nittan Group has dedicated itself to this foremost mission through and through. Our motto today is “Closest to Our Customer,” which reflects our intent to engage with our feet planted even firmer to the ground. As our commitment to forging a safe and secure society, we have established the following management fundamentals:

  • Take action from the customer’s perspective
  • Improve quality in all products and services
  • Provide products sought by the customer and consideration of global environment preservation
  • Optimize Nittan Group organization to enable rapid response

We joined Secom Group in April 2012, and intend to take up the challenge of building new business models while further solidifying our industry-renowned brand image. For our future domain, we envision the merger of our previous fire protection business—with vigilance over residential and commercial building fires—to monitoring that can prevent disasters and crime. Our engagement will go further in proactive responses to environmental issues, energy conservation, and aging societies, as we reach beyond national borders and expand globally.

Beneath a mantle founded on safety and security, I personally promise you Nittan Group’s willingness to challenge all matters positively for the future in creating a comfortable, pleasant society. Thank you for your continued support to Nittan.