CPC-3 / 0KB3


This system detects a fire which occurs in a machinery such as large-scale computers, various control panels, etc. and it is composed of a dedicated control panel (eg CPC-3) and its smoke detectors (0KB3: photoelectric type).

The smoke detector is produced with high sensitivity so that it can work even in an environment where smoke is diluted with high wind speed. In addition, smoke detector has a sensitivity compensation function which can maintain a normal sensitivity against dust accumulation.

Main features

  • Compact Size used for machinery built-in type
  • Fire alarm can be generated by "AND" signals (two detector’s simultaneous operation). It is capable of producing the signal by one detector’s operation too.
  • Wind speed Resistance (Effective up to 8 m/s), Heat Resistance (Available up to 60℃)
  • Maintains a normal sensitivity by sensitivity compensation function against dust accumulation
  • Capable of connecting existing smoke detectors (Model: 0KB, 0IB) without a sensitivity compensation function

Installation Example

- Inside of Machinery

Detectors and control panel shall be installed inside the machinery which should protect. Detectors can be installed in the place where it is easy to fix and maintain since it can detect smoke from any directions. If there is a fan on the machinery, detectors should be installed near the exhaust fan.

- Inside of Sampling Box

In consideration of flow of air inside the machinery, detectors shall be so installed that it can monitor the smoke more effectively.
For example, in a semiconductor manufacturing equipment, air inside of it is discharged from a heat exhaust duct. And built-in detectors in a sampling box attached to the side duct can monitor the smoke contained in the exhaust air.


- Dedicated Control Panel, CPC-3

- Machinery Built-in Type Smoke Detector, OKB-3

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